My boyfriend and I are flying to Portland this weekend, a trip I had totally forgotten about (did I mention that I’m also forgetful?). We’re visiting his sister and brother in-law so it should be a relatively low-cost weekend. It’s an opportune time for me to reign in my near-obsessive need to “treat” hosts. Whenever I visit someone, I inevitably want to pay for everything and treat them to a dinner, or two. This is a habit I must curb, immediately.

My plan is to take out $100 in cash to take with me. I will leave my cards at home (I do carry a card from my parents for emergencies but….it’s for emergencies).

I know this goes against my $100 per week plan, but next week should be pretty quiet.

For now my only planned spending includes a few pounds of coffee from Stumptown, a few glasses of wine at the airport/on the plane and maybe a book or two from Powell’s. Maybe something focusing on personal finance?


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One Response to “Portland”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Stumptown coffee is so worth it. Besides, if you are buying coffee beans, it means that you are making coffee at home and not buying Starbucks every morning. Instant justification!

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