The Tempation Hot List

I’m not entirely sure what compels me to spend beyond my means. And by this I mean, what psychological mis-firings occur in my brain. I am not trying to excuse away pure indulgence and irresponsibility, but I’ve always been curious about this in my particular case. I will likely get into my mental issues later; for now, let’s focus on my spending weaknesses. The Usual Suspects.


This goes without saying. The purchasing does seem to occur in ebbs and flows, however. I have plenty, PLENTY of clothes. I have an entire closet-full of rejects waiting to be listed on eBay. I leave clothes and shoes laying all around the house, much to my boyfriend’s dismay. I GIVE clothes away. If a friend loves something and I don’t love it as much, I’ll let her have it.

Sales are not a huge issue for me, unless it’s J Crew and they’ve marked their sale merchandise down an additional percentage.

I buy equally online and brick & mortar. I’m a sucker for buying shit while traveling, “I’ll never be able to find this anywhere else!” I am not very good at the “give it a day to think it over” method. I can’t even wait few moments to think it over.

This is definitely my largest expenditure, followed closely by,


I love to cook, I love to eat out, I love to entertain and I love to drink. This is a toxic combination for anyone with spending problems. Granted, all of these things can be done for cheap, and all can be done for….not so cheap. I generally bounce back and forth (landing more frequently on the not so cheap side).

Thanksgiving was last week. We hosted 20 people in our small house. Even with the help of family I overdrew my checking account.

This is a BIG one for me.


I devour magazines and love books. I spent an embarrassingly large sum at the bookstore the other day buying the latest Italian Vogue and cookbooks. And I still feel awful about it. Kind of.


I like to blame this one on my friends who all moved so far away. Really, though, when my boyfriend and I travel with our respective families, they pay for flights/meals. We’re spoiled. This does not change the fact that I spend WAY too much money at (and en route to) our destination. Beginning with that stack of magazines from the SFO Hudson News.

Random Shit I Convince Myself I Need

This is a catch-all that can include anything from Pantone books to yoga mats.


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4 Responses to “The Tempation Hot List”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I hear ya… I deffinately have the same problem. The bf and I have recently started tracking our spending, though (though I’m definately way worse than him, and this proves it!) and it’s actually helping. Also, I stopped using my credit card all together- cash only, it’s the only way I know for certain that I won’t dip into the red. Good luck!!

  2. fogcitylolita Says:

    Oh, Penny. I just felt this pain in my gut which I associate with recognizing myself in your troubles. I DO ALL OF THIS. I spend $100/week at the grocery store and then eat out 3 times at spendy SF restaurants. I go to Walgreens and buy nail polish and conditioner and hair ties and suddenly I’m $40 poorer…but I “needed” those things. I can’t fit all my clothes in my closet but “ooooh, wouldn’t this be the perfect cardigan? I don’t have any money but I have been SEARCHING for this…”

    Le sigh. So, you have a fan. I’m watching you and hoping it goes well!

  3. Catherine Says:

    So I found out about your blog today on Jezebel (I’m not a commenter but I read posts and comments on a daily basis and I’d been wondering why you were suddenly not just Archetype anymore) and have read through the entire thing tonight (well, up to here and I will probably carry on).

    ANYWAY, with regards to spending lots of money on books I read voraciously but have managed to keep my spending low by using the library. My town has an awesome public library that acquires tons of new books all the time and subscribes to a ridiculous amount of magazines too. I don’t know what the library situation is like where you live but it is worth looking into.

  4. pennyplastic Says:

    Hi Catherine – Thanks for reading through the blog!

    I had it on my to-do list to get a library card this past weekend but it didn’t happen. I am certainly going to look into it, as well as, which I have heard great things about.

    Thanks for the tip!

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