Christmas Wish Lists

I am one of the the lucky people who doesn’t get too terribly stressed out around the holidays.  My boyfriend and I do not buy gifts for one another, my family draws names so each of us are only required to buy for one person ($100 limit), and my boyfriend’s family simply doesn’t expect gifts.

This year it’s been very interesting to see what my family has been asking for.  I am buying for my father, who asked for a $100 gift card for newegg (because he’s a computer nerd).  My cousin is buying for me, and I provided him with a link to my Amazon wish list.  I’ve asked for some books at the new Ladytron CD.  Which, now that I think of it, I should probably remove as I have a friend who reps the band and I can likely get the album for free.  My boyfriend is buying for my uncle, and he asked that his $100 be donated to Loaves & Fishes.  My father is buying for my aunt, who has asked for a Coach clutch.  And on and on we go…….

My boyfriend’s mother pressed me for a wish list, and I told her the only thing I wanted was a ticket to see Gloria Steinem speak at a local engagement.

My friends and I don’t buy for one another, although a close friend is returning home from Boston, and we’ve agreed to exchange cheap (read: free, she works for a magazine and gets cool samples, I work for a retailer and have awesome sample sales) gifts and meet up at my house for lots of drinking and an Absolutely Fabulous marathon.

As much as I love stuff, and I LOVE stuff, it’s really the simple shit that’s the best, isn’t it?

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?  Does your family do anything unique around gift giving for the holidays?  What about your partner or kids?


2 Responses to “Christmas Wish Lists”

  1. clamag Says:

    A book: The Love At The Time Of The Great Depression. If nobody has written it yet, well, I’ll do it myself… Merry Christmas.

  2. Linny Says:

    insurance for my cell phone. last week I dropped my phone in the toilet and I think I could but insurance on the new one to good use.

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