Are Blogs Like Tattoos? Introducing The Plastic Chef!

Photo: Plastic Chef

Alright, confession time.  I decided to start another blog because I needed an excuse to be on the computer ALL THE TIME.  It’s only been a week since I started The Adventures of Penny Plastic, and my boyfriend was already commenting on how much time I’ve been spending online.

“I’m thinking of starting a food blog, I’m doing research.”

“What’s Penny Plastic?” he said, suddenly appearing behind me.


So, yeah…..I’ve been caught.  I sat him down and told him that I started a personal finance/lifestyle blog, and that I would appreciate if he could give me some privacy for the time being.  I plan on sharing it with him down the line, but I would like to get further along with my goals.

So…..David, if you are reading this right now – YOU SUCK!  Also, please don’t dump me.

Anyhow, I experimented with some photography last night while cooking and kicked off a new blog, Plastic Chef, over at Blogger.  It’s also linked through “Plastic Links” in the menu on the right.

I love to cook, so as I learn how to shop and cook without spending an insane amount of money, I can focus on these unique challenges at my other blog.

I hope you check it out!

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