Why I Don’t Like Mint

In a mojito, sure.  To track my finances, no thanks.

Don’t get me wrong.  I really, really want to like Mint.  The concept is fantastic, the layout is beautiful and the tools are logical and easy to interpret.

My main beef with the site is that it’s too damn slow to upload data from my accounts.  I’m an impatient girl, and that just won’t do.  Secondly, I’ve had trouble uploading some of my accounts, which just pisses me off.  I get frustrated easily and then become irritated that I do not have a complete picture of my finances.

For now, I manage my budget in Excel and have been tracking my spending manually.  I suspect that I will give Mint another try in 2009 when my finances simplify and I have fewer accounts to manage.


2 Responses to “Why I Don’t Like Mint”

  1. Solangel Says:

    What I do is log in and do other stuff like check e-mail or read Jezebel and then come back to it. The first two weeks it was also giving me trouble adding accounts, but I haven’t really had any problems since then. Also, I like that it tells me I’m 100% Minty. Damn right I am!

  2. delicatetbone Says:

    I found it irritating as well. it never seemed to accept my Sallie Mae student loan account and that’s a huge monthly expense for me.

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