But, But….It’s Not Even 2009 Yet!

David got home from work (well, drinks after work) tonight completely excited because his boss offered him some comp days in January to spend at one of his company’s properties in Park City, Utah.  He even bought me a celebratory bottle of Edna Valley chardonnay.

You can imagine his disappointment when my response was, “Park City?  What goes on there besides Sundance?  I don’t ski.  Can I get alcohol there?  You want us to DRIVE?”

We live in California.  It takes nearly 10 hours to get to Park City, and that’s without stopping.  I like a road trip as much as the next gal, but…..it seems like an awful lot of time to spend one weekend in Utah.  20 hours on the road?  More like 24 including pee-breaks and stopping to eat, much less look at anything.  Is the World’s Biggest Ball of Twine between California and Utah?

Anyhow, it’s not only that.  My friend has asked me to join her in Las Vegas in Februrary for Magic.  She’s showing her children’s line, for which I helped develop a logo.  I’d love to go, it would be a great experience, I could make some professional contacts, get some hands-on time with the product….But, it takes money!

So, here I am, having just kicked off this budget, and I already have two trips dangling in front of my face – only one and a half months into 2009.

I know, poor…..poor me.


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