Spending Report, Week Ending December 12th

Week of 12.5.08 – 12.12.08

Magazines & Books – $45.52

Grocery/Alcohol – $158.00

Entertainment – $26.97

Tips – $2.00

Postage/Shipping – $6.45

eBay Fees – $25.12

Restaurants/Coffee – $35.63

Gas – $24.56

TOTAL – $324.25

And I wonder why I am in debt.

Over three times my budget.  I’m not panicing (or, trying not to).  This is my first week tracking my spending.  Apparently I need to monitor WHILE I am tracking.  For starters, the books and magazines can be cut out.  This hurts!  A trip to Portland was included in this week, so I did buy some magazines at the airport newsstand and some books at Powell’s.  Grocery and alcohol are a big challenge for me.  The eBay fees came up unexpectedly.

I am considering cutting gas out of my $100 budget, simply because it’s a large expenditure for me.  Granted, gas prices have decreased greatly.  However, I commute around 100 miles a day, so it’s a fairly large expense.

Better luck next week…..



2 Responses to “Spending Report, Week Ending December 12th”

  1. May Says:

    Okay, I swear I’m not some crazy advice-giving monkey, but… as far as magazines and books go, you should get a library card and get them at the library! They even have magazines! (Just watch out for the late fees though).

    Also, I sometimes just hang out at the Borders coffee shop and read magazines, then put them back down.


  2. 2manykamakazees Says:

    Hi, Followed you here from jez, and so glad to see you have your own blog. When I was trying to reduce debt, my b.f and me had the biggest problem with alcohol(price and fondness wise), so we started looking for cheap delicious wine bottles and only ate dinner at places that were BYO. Also, the first thing I did was absolutely stop using my credit. I was only allowed to use it to buy groceries if I was super broke.

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