Reader Tips, 12.17.08

It’s been a few weeks since I kicked off this blog, and I’ve received many great money-saving tips from readers. Following are some highlights:

Overwhelmingly, readers suggested putting the kabosh on credit card spending and ensuring all spending is tracked and recorded.  I’m on it!

A few readers recommended  While the site has been very hit or miss for me, I have committed to giving it another try in 2009, when my finances have leveled out a bit.

Readers Anna and lululucy, recommended calling B of A after 6 months of on-time payments and requesting that my APR (currently pushing 30%) be reduced.  Hopefully by that time credit will have loosened up a bit and I will have a fall-back option with a lower APR if B of A refuses my request.

Stephanie suggested asking my doctor to write out my birth control prescription for three months, as I may be charged the same co-pay as a one-month Rx.  This would save me $20 every three months.

Readers lululucy and tart of darkness were very firm about my having some kind of emergency fund set up, even if it means diverting a bit of 401K money into a savings account.  I am inclined to agree and will be looking into revising my savings budget in January.

There were many recommendations left in the comments section of the grocery shopping postMay and linnyt advised that David and I invest in a Brita water filter (done – it’s on his Christmas wish-list!) and refill water bottles, saving money AND helping the environment.  Great tip.

Other grocery/cooking suggestions included hitting the farmer’s market (which I do when my schedule permits), buying cheap, processed food (i.e. ramen) at a Big Box store or international market, freezing unused vegetables, cutting out or greatly reducing meat intake and buying less alcohol (ouch).

May and Catherine recommended signing up for a library card, while futurestruck suggested checking out Shelfari, a social network centered around books.

Reader Jen really piqued my interest with her comment about swapping out olive oil for less expensive options, especially when preparing dishes in which oil flavor is not prominent.  Having just read an article a few weeks back about the health perks of olive oil, I am certainly planning on exploring this in greater detail in a future post.

Thanks to everyone for their recommendations and suggestions!  Keep ’em coming!


3 Responses to “Reader Tips, 12.17.08”

  1. carlybee Says:

    May I make another suggestion? Since I know you can’t break the fizzy water addiction, maybe save up for one of these babies…

    Refill glass (NOT PLASTIC) bottles with fresh, homemade soda water… with or without fruit flavoring (such as lime….mmm!)

  2. discontenteddaisy Says:

    The NYTimes posted a link to Bon Appetit’s $100 for a week of meals. These are meals (and damn good sounding recipes) set to feed a family of four or more for a week. I’ve already made my grocery list for the Black Bean Veggie Chili, which will feed my broke-ass single self for at least 4 days (at a $13 price tag).

    Also, if you have friends who work in restaurants, make friends with their managers/owners. If the stem of a wine glass gets chipped (not the lip, that has to be tossed), they won’t use it anymore (at least mine won’t), and the same goes for plates, too. Most of the time, they will just give the old stuff to you. I just moved across the country and had to forgo all of my kitchenware, I’ve already replaced my dish collection during the month I’ve worked at this new restaurant. (Most of my friends here have done this same thing).

    Good luck and keep up the fantastic work! You’ve inspired me to do the same thing…it is really hard, but it is nice to know that I’m not alone!

  3. pennyplastic Says:

    Daisy, that’s a fantastic recommendation – thanks!

    You know, I actually pulled that article from my issue of Bon Appetit and was thinking of posting on it. Especially in light of the NYT $250 dinner fiasco…..

    Apartment Therapy’s The Kitch also did a post on this.

    Thanks for the kind words :-)

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