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Garden in a Bag.

Image: Branch, Sustainable Design For Living

As any home cook knows, fresh herbs are a must.  They are, however, expensive.  And perishable.  I’ve spent a great deal of time picking over a wilting bunch of sage or Italian parsley hunting for a few decent stems.

Planting herbs at home is an excellent solution.  David and I haven’t been entirely successful in this endeavor.  Our only surviving plant is a sturdy rosemary bush.  Everything else has died.  But, that won’t stop us from establishing new herbs every year in the hope that we won’t kill another batch.

Garden in a Bag herbs are a great gift for a gardener or home-cook.  At nine bucks a pop, they’re a pretty good deal.  And, although I know I say this a lot…..they make a perfect hostess gift!

Herbs available are Italian parsley, oregano, sage, chives, lavender, cilantro, thyme, dill and basil.



One Response to “Daily Inspiration”

  1. Melissa Says:

    This might seem really lame, but I got the Chia Herb Garden from my Aunt as a birthday gift and I love it! I was afraid they would taste like they were from outer space or something, but they’re delicious! I have herbs on hand whenever I want to throw them into a recipe. Supercheap and easy to take care of too!

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