The Perils Of Dry Cleaning

I got paid today.

Due to some very shoddy budgeting on my part, I have very little discretionary money for the next two weeks.

Alas, about 1/6 of my wardrobe will be held hostage at the dry cleaners for two more weeks.

I think this budget will certainly change my feelings about hanging up my clothes (instead of tossing them on a chair/the bed/my form mannequin/my desk, to accumulate with other items, resulting in a wrinkled mess).

David will be thrilled.


4 Responses to “The Perils Of Dry Cleaning”

  1. Sukie Says:

    Would Dryelle work for you? I love it.

    Target sells a store version that is pretty well priced. The stain removing solution works well too.

    Then, you don’t have to worry about those hostage situations.

  2. elizabeth Says:

    Honestly, I hand-wash a large amount of my clothing. Especially anything cotton that’s dry-clean only. Something that I have learned from reading books is that if you can wash it (and silk is one of the strongest fibers when wet), you don’t have to dry clean it. Generally, it’s a measure to keep them immune from damages from people claiming that if you add water, the article will fall apart, etc. but really, I’ve found most fabrics can stand two minutes in Woolite.

    I’m probably going to get reamed for ruining my clothes…but I can’t say I’ve seen any major detreiment to my clothes, and I always take them out no more than a two-minute soak. Cashmere has yet to be the only exception.

  3. pennyplastic Says:

    No, Elizabeth, I think you’re right. If I remember anything from my textile science classes in college, it’s that synthetic fibers and get a bit weird when washed.

    I totally agree that it’s more a “liability” thing that SO much clothing is dry clean only.

    Mostly, for me, it’s laziness :-)

  4. Kelsium Says:

    Hello, there! It’s Kelsium from Jezebel. I’ve been bouncing around late tonight looking at various Jezzie blogs, and I think yours is fantastic! You’ve got great tips, and I’m definitely going to keep reading. Thanks!

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