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Toad Hollow Amplexus Sparkling Wine.

Full disclosure: I dated someone from this winery a few years ago.  In fact, he was the ONLY guy I’ve ever asked out on a date.  The likelihood of free wine will do that to a girl.

Toad Hollow is winery in Healdsburg, CA.  If you ever find yourself on a trip to Napa for wine tasting, I beg of you, hit up Healdsburg.  Napa Valley is overcrowded and overpriced – any Northern Californian will tell you to forgo Napa and hit up Sonoma county and the Russian River area.

Healdsburg is fabulous, with a nice downtown and one of my favorite Northern California restaurants, Willie’s.  You can taste at a few wineries in town and then hit the Dry Creek Road, which is where the majority of the tasting rooms are located.

Back to the Amplexus.  I’m not a huge sparkling wine (champagne) drinker, but this by far the best domestic sparkling wine I’ve tasted.  It’s a brut, so it’s nice and dry, but not overwhelmingly so.  And, you can find it online priced from $13-$15.  A deal for a great sparkler.

Image: Toad Hollow Winery


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