Well, My Christmas Is Off To An Unfortunate Start

One of my closest coworkers gave me a really nice bottle of Pinot Noir for Christmas, and I dropped it when I was unloading my car.

I’m SAD.


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4 Responses to “Well, My Christmas Is Off To An Unfortunate Start”

  1. laura Says:

    Oh no! Pinot Noir is my favorite! *Internet hugs to you*

  2. Mia Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that! But I wanted to tell you, I love this blog. I came across it through Jezebel (a rare commenter, I really enjoy reading yours) and have found myself checking it every day since I found it. Your tips for saving money, selling things on the internet, and your candidness are so useful, and refreshing! Being in my mid twenties, back in school, living with my boyfriend, and paying off debt, this is right up my alley. Merry Christmas!

  3. pennyplastic Says:

    Mia, thank you so much for your generous compliment. It’s really great to hear this kind of response, it keeps me focused and motivated.
    Happy holidays to you as well!

  4. Sukie Says:

    I’m in the same boat with Mia (I am currently reading this while the rest of my family is sleeping off the Christmas cheer – and my tea finishes steeping)

    So many ideas! It’s nice to know someone is trying their hardest to budget – since I need all the moral support I can get as well.

    Hope you have a good holiday – and a Christmas miracle brings you a new bottle of pinot.

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