Debt & Budget Updates

I’ve made some changes to my budget and debt.  As follows:

  • $1,500.00 transferred from Bank of America credit card to Citibank card with 0% APR.
  • $40.00 per two weeks (variable) budgeted into fixed expenses for gas.  No longer included in $100 per week budget.
  • Automatic payments set for Washington Mutual ($200.00/month), AMEX ($100/month).  $100.00/month budgeted toward J Crew.  Priority remains B of A card.
  • $20/month for V-DAY contributions added to budget.

The past few weeks have been tough – budget-wise.  I’ve overspent, especially on groceries.  I definitely need to get back on track.


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One Response to “Debt & Budget Updates”

  1. Catherine Says:

    It’s really awesome that you’re budgeting in a contribution to V-Day. I’m secretary/organizer (our organizer quit suddenly in November and I took over) for my school’s division of the college campaign and it’s a cause that means a lot to me.

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