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30 Bucks A Week.

I have a new favorite blog, and it’s very appropriate for those of us struggling to budget our food.  I discovered 30 Bucks A Week while reading an Apartment Therapy (The Kitchn) post about the best cooking blogs of 2008.

A Brooklyn couple budgets $30 a week for meals and chronicles their recipes, shopping receipts and tips on their blog.  It’s really a fascinating read.  They exclude alcohol and eating out, and they are vegetarians who enjoy a nice discount at their local co-op (they volunteer).  But 30 bucks is still an incredibly ambitious budget, and they prove that it can be done…..deliciously.


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2 Responses to “Daily Inspiration”

  1. Sukie Says:

    Thanks to your link, it is now one of my favorite too!

    I’m so inspired to hit up our co-op now! Except, well, I have to wait until I’m off work to go shopping. :(

  2. tinaspins Says:

    Thanks for the kind words! Look for a new receipt post tomorrow!

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