Debt Rally, 12.29.08

Debt Rallies will be posted every other Monday.

Current Balances

Bank of America = $9,481.67

J Crew = $1,844.79

American Express  = $3,264.63

Washington Mutual = $7,394.53

12.15 Total = $22,161.34

Current Total = $21,985.62


The Bank of America APR is killing me!



5 Responses to “Debt Rally, 12.29.08”

  1. Jeff Medina Says:

    What is you BofA APR?

  2. pennyplastic Says:

    Jeff, it’s currently at 28.99% due to a late payment.

  3. Bill Cash Says:

    Wow!!! Good luck with it in 2009!

  4. Alexa Says:

    I feel your pain! A few years ago, I had about 32k in debt (some medical and school, but primarily LOTS of JCrew and Bloomingdales etc) The anxiety kept me up at night…It took me nearly three and a half years to pay off. It can be done! Good luck!!!

  5. Clare Says:

    Wow. This is ballsy of you to post in public. I have only one credit card (BofA are motherfuckers, aren’t they?), but it has a $4K balance and I’m torn up about it. Good luck paying it down!

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