Discovery: Peter Callesen

While doing some research for work, I stumbled upon this artist’s web portfolio and was completely swept away by the beauty, darkness and whimsy of his work.  Not to mention the incredible skill required to create his intricate and delicate pieces using paper.

Callesen works with various media but his pieces using paper (and not much else) are my favorite.  They are, simply put, incredible.  There’s a lot to see on his website, and I highly recommend you check it out.  Below is a little taste of his work, some framed A4 papercut pieces.

The Core Of Everything, 2006; Image: Peter Callesen

Holding On To Myself, 2006; Image: Peter Callesen



2 Responses to “Discovery: Peter Callesen”

  1. Linnyt Says:

    apparently paper art is big in denmark. my mom goes back and always brings some home. half her christmas decor is danish paper stuff. most of it is really intricate and delicate looking, but still pretty strong. it’s all really pretty.

  2. Michael H. Says:

    Wow. These are great. Thanks for the discovey.

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