Daily Inspiration

What’s inspiring me today.

Those darn French girls.

Photo: The Sartorialist

I tend to be very stubborn about giving French people credit for anything, be it that “effortless” style or the ability to eat butter and drink wine without gaining a pound.  Both are terrible, boring clichés.  And, pretty much true, I guess.

I fell in love with this girl, who could be the French version of Keira Knightley.  There are a few things.  The booties (sorry, I like them), the tights (warm), the military style jacket (timeless) and perfectly thrown on shawl (undeniably French…..I suppose).  But, what really sold me is the hair.  I have been considering hacking off my hair for some time and her cut might just push me over the edge.



5 Responses to “Daily Inspiration”

  1. allison Says:

    Whoaa, that girl looks amazing. I consider Keira Knightley the prettiest girl in Hollywood, and she looks just like her! It’s cliche, but I love French girls for their effortless sense of style.


  2. joey Says:

    ah, i saw her actual blog the other day. she dresses up so cute, i can’t remember where i found it, otherwise i’d link you to it.

  3. May Says:

    Yeah this girl’s hair is badass. And I love that your justification for loving the tights is that they’re “warm.” Amazing!

    I personally am scared of Keira Knightley, though. I think she’s our alien overlord. Frenchie doesn’t give me alien vibes, though. Yay!

    My biggest French inspiration is French children. TOO CUTE!

  4. tinaspins Says:

    She is cute.

  5. Melissa Says:

    So cute. Off to search the web to find a jacket like that….

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