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My boss and I recently talked about our mutual love of orchards, and landed on the specific reason why.  Living in Northern California, I drive by loads of orchards, and their smaller cousins, vineyards.  I’ve always marveled at how the perspective, shape and feel of an orchard shifts when you round a corner or climb a hill.  Trees are planted in neat, geometric, consistent rows.  As they grow, their trunks remain rooted to their carefully placed home, but their branches and canopies are allowed to expand and shape themselves into a unique member of a rigid army, almost as if they are fighting against conformity.

Orchards are a perfect example of the organic and the orderly.


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2 Responses to “Daily Inspiration”

  1. bebehblog Says:

    I lived in an orchard for a year and a half when we first moved to Connecticut. It was heavenly all year round, but especially when the apple trees bloomed. If I ever get married again it will be in April under the trees.

  2. elizabeth Says:

    I volunteered my time at a local convent growing up (OK, it was being a counselor at a weeklong Vacation Bible school for my Catholic parish because a good friend’s mom was running it, and frankly it was a lot of fun, mostly because of this convent) which was this absolutely gorgeous old estate, where the nuns lived in the old, amazingly restored mansion that also had a Rapunzel tower for no good reason, and had a Granny Smith orchard out by the greenhouse. I ate so many apples those summers–nothing was as glorious as running out and grabbing some imperfectly-sized apples to eat. PA orchards are freaking awesome–I really need to drive out and take pictures of the property when the weather is nice again and I’m back in the area.

    And if you want some vineyard porn, I direct you to our trespassing adventure in Italy here: http://bellethellama.wordpress.com/2008/11/04/la-strada-privata/ (not site promoting–literally, we went to some neighboring vineyards of the B&B we stayed at).

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