Songs To Consider – What Does Kate Moss Have That I Don’t?

I love The Kills.  It started a few years back when a friend talked me into seeing a Bloc Party show with her.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of BP, although I’ve always had a fantasy about being their bass player.  Anyhow, the show was at the Warfield in SF so I thought, “why not?”  The Kills opened and were in the middle of their set when we arrived.  I was immediately taken in by the chemistry between the two on stage.  I didn’t realize Allison was a chick until about 10 minutes into watching them, which is strange because she’s so incredibly beautiful.  Her hair was long and in her face, and her body looked fairly androgynous.  They were so raw, almost violent.  Their earlier music was much grittier than their new stuff, but URA Fever, from their newest album, is a fucking GREAT song.  I also enjoy the video, which feels very Warhol-esque.

Also, I have a huge crush on Jamie Hince.



2 Responses to “Songs To Consider – What Does Kate Moss Have That I Don’t?”

  1. Kivrin Says:

    Ooh, I love Bloc Party, never heard of The Kills — I’m gonna have to check them out now…

  2. aspiringexpatriate Says:

    You have to check out the Last Day of Magic video. So much insanely better… er I mean hotter.

    They didn’t swing round Los Angeles this time around, not that I know of at least. Saw them back in May and it was glorious.

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