Request: Hair Help

Readers, I need help.  I have neglected my hair for some time and it’s gotten far too long and unmanagable.  It just…..flops.  It’s almost down to my boobs.  As you can see below.

See where my hands are?  That’s where my hair ends.

I always see long, beautiful hair in….say, Victoria Secret catalogs.  I think, “how pretty, I wish I had long hair like Gisele.”  Then it grows and I realize 1) long hair is a bitch to blow dry, 2) long hair is heavy and just kind of hangs unless there is velcro-rolling and styling involved, and 3) I’m not Gisele.

The good news is, my head of hair is basically a blank canvas.  It’s long and a bit layered, and I do have bangs that have grown out to my chin.  I’ve been thinking about two styles, either long with blunt bangs, which I have done before and really like (you can see that in the blog header).  Or, for a more ballsy move, chop it all off.  I am tempted to just move forward with the bangs because I can do that myself at home.

What are your thoughts?  I can tell you two things, I have thin hair but a lot of it.  It’s nice because it can pretty much do anything.  Also, I have a round face with chipmunk cheeks.  I am open to anything appropriate for my hair and face shape, so feel free to give me some guidance.

I’ve shared some long and short styles that I like below….


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15 Responses to “Request: Hair Help”

  1. Laura (pinkyBella) Says:

    I really like the long hair and long, straight bangs. I wish I could do that to my hair, but it’s too curly, I can’t do anything with it. You’re lucky your hair is flexible! But I say go for the bangs.

  2. Shelly Says:

    I also have thin but lots of it hair. And right now it is long with a few layers. No bangs. But I am diggin’ that Heidi Klum cut. And also the Selma Blair. The best thing about going short is it will always grow back. I say cut in some bangs and wear it up in the back for a week or two. See if you like the look and feel. If you do…chop it! Now I am tempted to cut some bangs for myself.

  3. John (aspex) Says:

    Is Selma Blair on there once in each category? Good choice.

    Funnily enough, I have similar hair and I like to grow it out long, I won’t cut it for about 16 months a pop, not sure how long it’s been at the moment. Course, being a guy, my hair is not even down to my shoulderblades yet.

    Do you think you could pull off that short hair long bangs look like that French damsal in the daily inspiration did last week?

    Maybe I’m trying to force more people to get freaky hair. On second thought, I think I described something similar to La Roux. So ignore me. I do think chopping it all off might give you some variety, and it’ll only last about 16 months.

  4. pennyplastic Says:

    I really, really want to be Selma Blair.

  5. Sukie Says:

    Whatever you decide, please tell us. I have the same exact hair and in the last two days I have considered cutting most ALL of it off. (something I have never done before)

  6. LBB Says:

    Selma Blair is fierce — I love her short cut — but I think something like Nicole Richie’s style would suit the shape of your face more; Selma’s so angular.

    (Hi, by the way — got here via Jez and am greatly enjoying your posts :))

  7. Linnyt Says:

    i guess this will be a slightly different perspective: short hair costs more to maintain. usually to keep it looking good regular trips to the stylist are involved, which can cost a lot. for me, i’d rather have the longer hair and save some money, especially since I too am trying to get rid of debt. that’s about $50 every other month I can save by getting my hair cut less. I see where you are coming from though, because my hair is nearly the same length as yours and I’m starting to get bored with it. My hair is kind of curly, so I’ve been starting to wear it that way. Usually i blow it straight.

  8. Mia Says:

    I’m with Linnyt – short hair does cost a lot more to maintain – but it’s also more work! My hair was about your length, also on the think side, but a lot of it, and I chopped it to my chin a few months ago. I cut it for some of the same reasons you mentioned above – pain in the ass to blow dry, bored with it, long hair wasn’t all it was cracked up to be – and while I love the way it looks, I HAVE to style it every morning (ugh), and I have to get it cut more often (again, ugh). So if you can cut your bangs yourself (i would never even attempt it), then I’d say go for the blunt bangs w/ long hair. From what I can tell in that picture, long hair looks good on you, and blunt bangs would be cute.

  9. SerendipitousTrout Says:

    I’m going to have to agree with Linnyt and Mia.
    I had hair as long as yours about 6 months ago, and it had been that long pretty much all my life. Deciding I wanted a big change (and the bf totally liking short hair) I cut it all off. It was about to my chin. I hated/hate it! Everyday I will it to grow grow grow. That said, now that I have the short hair I will agree that it costs more to maintain. I ended up having to buy product to put in it, which is something I never did before. Also, the drying time is less, but then I have to straighten it, or go for the full blow-out with the round brush. I never really had to do that with my long hair. Hope that helps?!
    So, I would definitely say go with the bangs, I think they’d look really great on you!

  10. J.D.Regent Says:

    Hi lady. I recently went from a heidi klum style long blunt bang look to a sienna miller as edie sedgewick one. sometimes i feel like i can rock it in an early vidal sassoon sort of way and then part of me feels like it is peter pan/my skater boyfriend in 7th grade. anyway this week I had it chopped even shorter into a proper little pixie and I love it more than ever. Based on these recent experiences, I recommend you keep your bangs long and swept to the side, thick, but have it end kind of in the middle of your ears, then go pixiesh in the back. I’ll call it a slightly longer, messier version of selma’s. you still have the femininity and security of the swept bang look you know you like but honestly, you just don’t need all other hair! you don’t even see it. it’s the face framing that is important. then after your cut give yourself 2 FULL weeks to hate it, then you will feel like the hottest thing going.

  11. Melissa (AthertonMerriweather) Says:

    I think the cut on the girl in the striped shirt would look lush! Like others said above, shorter hair is a bitch to style and costs more to maintain. Might not be the best choice if you’re trying to save money.

  12. Kim O. Says:

    I still think you should get your hair cut like our girl from the Anthropologie catalog from a couple of years ago. You would so rock that style! Loving your blog, btw!

  13. pennyplastic Says:

    OMG I can NOT believe you remembered that! I actually found the photocopies I made a few days back and I am hanging onto them……


  14. discontenteddaisy Says:

    My hair is very similar to yours (fine, but a lot of it). About 6 months ago, I had an argument with my hairstylist (we played bar trivia together) about the possibility of me sporting bangs. He said my cheeks and face were just too round to support such an idea. 4 martinis later I was at home and I decided to cut my own bangs…just to show him. And…they actually turned out pretty decent, and it actually is the most flattering haircut I’ve ever had… Now I wear them like Bettie Page, and haven’t been to a hairstylist since (also, I moved away from my old one…) I cut my own bangs, and trim my own ends. It’s not too hard because of the bluntness of the cut, and it is FREE.

    BUT, that anthropologie model has a damn cute style, regardless of how much gin one consumes, I wouldn’t recommend doing that by oneself!

  15. Kim O. Says:

    Are you kidding? I LOVE that ‘do! Remember when I tried to get my hair cut like that? Just didn’t quite look right. I wish I could pull it off…

    You should TOTALLY do it!

    BTW, we need to do lunch or cocktails sometime soon!

    xo backatcha!

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