Songs To Consider – Clone Me Some Miss Kittin

Reasons I love Miss Kittin:

  1. She’s the best DJ I’ve seen live.
  2. She’s a woman in what is largely a man’s world.
  3. She actually dances when she spins.
  4. She actually smiles when she spins.
  5. She still uses vinyl.
  6. She’s cool and modest.
  7. She put out one of my top 50 favorite albums (Radio Caroline).
  8. She draws cool, mixed crowds.

I am such a whore for Miss Kittin (Caroline Herve). Half of me wants to be her, the other half wants to make out with her. I first heard her on a Felix da Housecat album (Miss Kittin and Thee Glitz) and soon after bought her album with The Hacker, First Album.

Most people are surprised that I am so into dirty, raw, electronic music…..I suppose I don’t necessarily look like I would. But, I love dancing. A lot. I’ve been known to dance for hours straight, without a break – even to smoke, until my feet bleed. And oftentimes drugs were not involved!

Nowadays I feel like an old, domestic, nearly-30 year old. I rarely go out anymore, partly because all of my best girlfriends (and dancing soul-mates) have moved away, and partly because I really hate dancing with guys. Even David. So, I avoid taking him out to dance for fear of hurting his feelings.

So, I look back on those days fondly. Especially my time spent beneath the decks of the sublime Miss Kittin.

The clip I have provided is a live set with Alter Ego from 2005. She does have some videos (she released a solo album a few years ago) but I love watching her live, even if the quality is shitty. Skip to 1:55 for the beginning of her set.



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