Soup January Kicks Off, With a Boat Load of Split-Pea Soup

Photo: Penny

It’s Wednesday afternoon and I just finished my fifth split-pea soup meal in 4 days. David and I kicked off Soup January on Sunday night. He cooked, deciding on split-pea soup because someone had given us a ham hock left over from one of the 10 holiday dinners we attended in December.

I’d never had split-pea soup before, but I was hopeful that it would be delicious. As it turns out, it was awfully watery. The recipe David used called for 10.5 cups of water and was meant to serve 4. We have easily gotten 10 servings from the batch. Don’t get me wrong, it was still yummy, and cheap. Ham hock aside David told me he paid $6 for the additional ingredients.

Tonight we are cooking our next soup, which is yet to be decided but will use beef stock as its base. David made a stock of beef using the prime rib bone left over from our $100 dinner.

Honestly, I am already tired of soup. But, a deal is a deal!


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4 Responses to “Soup January Kicks Off, With a Boat Load of Split-Pea Soup”

  1. funnyface Says:

    Just saw that you got linked by The Kitchn! Congrats!

  2. bebehblog Says:

    Isn’t there a children’s book where they have to eat tons and tons of split pea soup? I think it tainted my opinion of it from a young age.

  3. Britni Says:

    I think that I will just start commenting “mmmm soup” on every single one of your Soup January posts.

  4. elizabeth Says:

    We have some good soup recipes–let me know, and I can shoot you an email. :-D

    Another beauty of soup, though, is its freezability–so it can actually be a great money-saver in the long run, especially when better meats (like pancetta and chorizo) are involved.

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