Request: Do You Live In (Or Love) Seattle?

If so, I need help choosing a hotel. David and I are taking a trip with some friends in April, driving up to Portland, OR (where we will stay with his sister) and then Seattle for a few days. I’ve done a tiny bit of research on hotels, but I would love to hear from those of you familiar with the area. My requirements are pretty simple; under $200 a night (under $150 would be even better), downtown and preferably a unique boutique hotel (i.e. not a Marriott). I have found a few that I have shared below. I am partial to the Ace Hotel simply because we’ve stayed at the Ace in Portland and loved it.

Hotel Max


Hotel Deca


Ace Hotel




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8 Responses to “Request: Do You Live In (Or Love) Seattle?”

  1. John (aspex) Says:

    Good lord you have expensive (and good) taste. Or at least it looks expensive. I’d say Ace, though if you wanted to encourage the ‘get lucky’ mood, opt Max, it just seems like that kinda place. Deca just makes me think lime green, even though every other aspect of that room looks better than the other two, the lime green just kills it.

  2. pennyplastic Says:

    I forgot to add the rates, thanks for reminding me!

  3. poor college student Says:

    To be honest, if you’re trying to pay off all this debt, you should save $100 a night by staying in a motel.

  4. pennyplastic Says:

    Our target is under $100. I am going to first find a hotel I like and then sic my boyfriend on them. He likes to negotiate.

    I am asking for input because it’s often hard to find the cheap gems in a city and if anyone is familiar with Seattle I’d like to hear their ideas.

  5. Lindsay Says:

    I used to live two blocks from the Ace Hotel – I’ve never stayed there, but I can vouch for its great location. I know nothing about Hotel Deca, but the University Area, while lovely, is a bit out of your way if you’re doing touristy things. If you end up going for something cheaper, the Moore Hotel is also in a good location, but the Ritz Carlton it ain’t. There are some slightly cheaper chain hotels (Holiday Inn, Best Western, etc.) just outside of the Belltown/Downtown area, but if you can afford to avoid those places, you’ll have a much better visit.
    And now for some unsolicited recommendations. Cafe Ladro makes the bitchinest Americano ever, except for maybe Zeitgeist in Pioneer Square (although they just use Illy, which you can get anywhere). Coastal Kitchen in Capitol Hill is all kinds of wonderful, and best digested with a stroll through gorgeous Volunteer Park.
    I really, really miss living there.

  6. pennyplastic Says:

    Thanks Lindsay! Just the kind of recommendations I was looking for.

    I would like to avoid the University Area – I’ve been before and I don’t think we’ll have must interest in poking around UW, although it’s a beautiful campus.

    All the reviews for the Ace have said the location cannot be beat. My boyfriend and I would stay there in a heartbeat, but our friends are more worried about the noise. My preference would be for them to find another hotel near the Ace and we can just stay in separate places.

    I did look into the Moore Hotel but it kind of worried me…..although I am feeling budget-driven and adventurous these days so maybe we will give it a go!

    MANY thanks for the coffee/restaurant recommendations, feel free to share more :-)

  7. dianersb Says:

    Hey Penny,

    Here are my recommendations for Seattle.


    The Zig Zag Cafe ( It’s below Pike Place Market, but people don’t tend to venture to this area, so it’s a bit quieter. They specialize in the classic cocktail and nibbles. I used to go here for happy hour all the time.

    Close by is the Alibi Room ( A bit more pricey. I don’t remember them having a happy hour, per se, but it’s worth it. The atmosphere is great. The music is off the bartenders ipod, so it depends on how the mood or tastes of the bartender align with yours.


    While I worked downtown, I lived in Fremont. This was my stomping ground for 4 years.

    Up the hill, closer to Woodland Park Zoo, is Persimmon ( This place has awesome brunches. The Gruyere, chive and jambon omelette is to die for.

    There coffee is also great, mainly because it comes from the Lighthouse ( This coffee is so good (they roast it in back) that I pay exorbitant shipping rates to have it in Boston.

    I spent so much money in those two places, simply because they were around the corner from my apartment. They are dangerously good.

    Down in the main area of Fremont, there’s tons of public art. A giant statue of Lenin (salvaged from Slovakia), the Fremont troll, the rocket ship, the dinosaur topiaries…and if you were there in June for the Solstice you would get to see the parade and the hundreds of nude bicyclists.

    The walking guide can be found here:

    The University District is also fun. It’s where UW is located (Go Huskies!), so there’s tons of cheap eats around there. The campus is gorgeous, so if you’re into photography at all (which it seems that you might be, since you take some great photos for your site), this is a great place to take photos.

    In the interest of going around the city of Starbucks and never visiting one, in the UDistrict my undergrad haunt was Cafe Solstice ( Their lattes are superb.

    I have just realized HOW much I’ve written, so I leave off for now. Let me know if this is at all helpful, and have a great time!

  8. pennyplastic Says:

    This is FABULOUS. Thank you so much Diane.

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