Debt Rally, 1.12.09

Debt Rallies will be posted every other Monday.

Current Balances

Bank of America = $7,831.67

Citibank =$1,500.00

J Crew = $1,844.79

American Express = $3,499.23

Washington Mutual = $7,318.84

12.29 Total = $21,985.62

Current Total = $21,994.53




3 Responses to “Debt Rally, 1.12.09”

  1. Annie Kari Says:

    OMG, penny plastic! You DO need some financial guidance!
    No more J.Crew for you! Tho I understand, I love ’em too.
    I say, spend less but continue drink as much wine as you like!
    Thanks for sharing, love the blog!

    – Annie Kari Sullivan

  2. Annie Kari Says:

    ps. you can do it! A year ago I was about $10,000 in debt and now I am only around $2,000.

  3. Linnyt Says:

    well, it’s a little less debt. definitely not more, so that’s good.
    I would like to lose my debt this year. last year i worked on it but this year i want it gone. (school loan can stay though.) I had goals last year but in November & December i didn’t stick to them. time to get back on track.

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