Apples To Apples

Does anyone have an iPhone? If so, what are your thoughts?

I was talking with my father (the biggest Apple nerd in the Universe) the other day about how much I hate my Blackberry – I am a smart girl, but I have yet to master the QWERTY keyboard. He suggested that I sell my iMac and Macbook and upgrade to a new desktop and buy the phone. This is my father’s MO – chemistry and Macs are his passion, and he upgrades his computer at least once a year. I know, I don’t understand it either, but hey….everyone has their thing.

When the iPhone came out, I thought it was great, but I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. I never buy any first-generation Apple products. I’ve always had Macs, and I always will. I don’t even really know how to use a PC. I am somewhat reluctant to give up my laptop, because I love the convenience. But, I rarely use it. It’s great to have while traveling and it’s great to hook up to our sound system when we have parties. But, I can’ really use it for anything besides the Internet, music and word processing.

I currently have a 20″ iMac at home and my father thinks I should upgrade to a 24″. It would be nice, because I do a lot of work on CS at home. But it goes without saying that I will not purchase anything that exceeds what I get for my other two computers. Luckily, I have a dad who’s a master at selling them.

And, I lost my iPod and it would be nice to have something that plays music.
Also, an iPhone Nano is geared up to be released in the summer. But, again, I like to avoid first generation models. The great thing about it is that it will not be Internet-capable. Which is fine because I don’t use my phone to get on the web.

What are your thoughts? I’ve played with the iPhone and it seems intuitive, as Apple products tend to be.

All opinions welcome! I must make decisions by committee!



15 Responses to “Apples To Apples”

  1. Susan Says:

    i’m a completely converted blackberry to iphone girl. like you, i always sort of hated the blackberry so it wasn’t hard to convert me anyway. but since you know the apple interface and like how they work…i’d say it’s a good bet that you’ll love the iphone too. the only thing i personally found difficult (some do, some don’t from what i’ve gathered from friends), was the keyboard. it takes some getting used to since it’s touch screen for the individual keys. it’s a little strange at first, but i’ve gotten it down quite well so there’s just a bit of a learning curve.

    everything else about it….i adore. it’s really amazing.

  2. stacyinbean Says:

    I too am a blackberry convert. I LOVE my iphone, though it does take getting used to. I still have trouble typing when I’m drunk, but besides that it’s really easy to use! You can get all sorts of fun applications and the news and everything. The only thing I would say is that if you use your blackberry for work, it might be easier to email with it than it will be with the iphone. I currently don’t need access to my work email for my job, so it isn’t an issue for me!

  3. Susan Says:

    by the way….i just realized it’s sort of creep i just started commenting on your blog without introducing myself. *slaps head*
    i’m a jezebel lurker. saw your blog through your info and i’m totally addicted! :)

  4. J.D.Regent Says:

    man I need some tutoring. I am not nearly fancy or well paid enough to have anything resembling a blackberry or iphone, but i recently switched to a macbook and after 6 months i still hate it. Everyone told me I would get used to it but I haven’t. Grrrr.

  5. Mandy Says:

    It’s ok J.D. I hate Mac computers too, as blasphemous as most people think that is to say.

    As for the iphone, the applications are great, but I HATE HATE HATE the keyboard. And emails are a pain and pictures messages can only be sent via email, which is annoying.

  6. pennyplastic Says:

    Well, neither am I, really. David bought me the Blackberry (well, he got it for free because he likes to haggle with the phone people). Before that I had a basic, whatever flip phone. I don’t care much about phones or cars. Computers, on the other hand, are another story. But, to be frank, I have not really been all that happy with my Macbook either. I still think it’s better than most laptops I have used, and obviously I like the Mac interface better, but it’s just too slow (I have the cheapest one).

    I don’t think it’s blasphemous to hate Macs; but I’ve never known anything BUT Macs. And, whatever people may say, they do have their virtues. And they are beautiful machines. I mean, that’s really icing on the cake….but whatever.

  7. pennyplastic Says:

    It’s not creepy! I am glad you’re enjoying the blog!

  8. funnyface Says:

    Let us know if you get the iPhone. We’re ditching cable, and have switched to at&t for DSL, and will be relying on netflix for most of our television watching. We’re thinking about getting at&t cell service as well, and as a ‘mac person’ I’m thinking I might like an iphone.

  9. John (aspex) Says:

    There was something about MacOS and some sort of flash the internet switched to in the past few months. Made it impossible to view gawker and other sites, and slow as hell to see facebook. It looks like Gawker fixed the issue, but most other sites haven’t.

    That said, I’ve not used the MacBook, just the PowerPC models. I just love the OS’s GUI, the computers you kinda have to make capable of doing what you want them to do. For instance, I’ve changed the ‘appearance’ to put the scroll bar buttons at the top and bottom of the scroll bar, and use an old free trackball instead of a trackpad or a mouse, makes the use insanely simpler.

    The reason I’ve always liked Apple in the past was its ability to be customized to a fair degree. As is, it can be annoying.

  10. Linnyt Says:

    i have an iphone and i love it. i don’t feel like i have many problems with the keyboard. maybe i just blame myself when i mistype something when it is really the phone’s fault. i never had a blackberry but i’ve played around with other people’s and i hate them. i can’t make them do what i want them to do but the iphone seems pretty intuitive.

  11. pennyplastic Says:

    John, I’ve been having problems with the Internet also. But only at work, where I work on a Mac G5. I have OS X but it’s not Panther or Leopard or whatever. At least I think so…..

    Anyhow, at the office I have to get onto Safari to use Jez, although FB works just fine on Firefox.

  12. SerendipitousTrout Says:

    Hi- I guess i’m a little late on the conversation (new job, no time to blog! aaarggh!) Anyway, Mr. Trout just got an iPhone last weekend and he’s absolutely addicted. Now I’m jealous and ask to use it over my slooow classic flip phone all the time. So, comments from Mr. Trout
    “I really like it, I’m finally getting used to the texting, but the apps are all amazing. Only thing is that making a phone call takes a bit to get used to” He says there are a lot of buttons to push just to make a call. But, once he’s used to it he says it won’t bother him anymore.
    I’m happy to hear about all the macbook discussion. We’re also thinking about purchasing one, the iPhone has really converted us to apple products.
    Penny- you said yours is slow. Do you think it’s worth it to upgrade to a mac bookpro?

  13. pennyplastic Says:

    ST – It really depends on what you will use the laptop for. Personally, I would never want to use a laptop to use CS, because they are too small and I would have to attach a mouse, etc etc. Theoretically, you can load them with additional memory and RAM and whatever to speed them up. If you are using the computer for the basics – surfing the web, email, word processing, watching movies, listening to music, then I think they are a good option. Unless you care about a bigger screen, I would not spring for the Macbook Pro. if you visit the Apple site, you will see that the 2GB Macbook (13″) is $400 less than the 15″ Macbook Pro with the same tech specs. However, if you need to push to a faster computer, the Macbook Pro is the only place to go – there are two 4GB models, at 15″ and 17″. I’ve had friends with the 17″ and it’s NICE, but at that point you could get a 24″ iMac and add some memory, and it would be cheaper. So, you just have to weigh the pros and cons of each.

    Honestly, I think my Macbook has been slow lately because David knocked it off a stack of papers. However, the more stuff you load onto it, the slower it will go, obviously. And, I haven’t put much onto it.

    Just don’t get a Macbook Air.

  14. John (aspex) Says:

    That sounds about right. I thought they’d fixed it. But I had the problem visiting Jez again today. So who knows what the shit is going on. I just know the internet hates G5s.

  15. NOLAgirl Says:

    I got an iPhone about 2 months ago. Get one. They’re awesome.

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