Confession Time

Alright, I won’t lie.  I was THRILLED when I saw the landing page for J Crew Women this afternoon.  Not only because I love when retailers feature their employees (granted, they are always employees in creative or design services), but also because I have a secret wish to BE one of those employees.  Oh, and I also want to work for J Crew.  And, of course, be featured in this very feature.  Also, I own roughly 10 J Crew merino sweaters. In fact, I own the very cardigan they are all wearing – in black.

Below, the stylish women of J Crew.  And, what I would choose if I would have….you know….been chosen.

Sarah, Stylist

Vannell, Photo Studio Coordinator

Molly, Designer – Women’s Dresses

Lisa, Director of Design – Women’s Jewelry

And, Penny, wanna-be J Crew visual merchandiser!

Paisley Crawford Cami – $79.99

Merino Michelle V-Neck Cardigan – $88

Matchstick Jean – $98

Rimini Metallic Flat Sandal – $98

Crystal Chain Necklace – $55

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One Response to “Confession Time”

  1. Annie Says:

    did you know this?!

    I saw this and immediately thought of you!

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