Does $15 Qualify As A Splurge?

MANY thanks to Linsey Knerl over at Wise Bread, who shared that the entire series of Extras is selling for $14.99 on  The original price is $39.98 – that’s a tremendous mark-down, even for Amazon.  I was just talking to my parents over the weekend about how I wanted to get this on DVD.  Perfect timing!

For those of you unfamiliar with Extras (although I am guessing most of you are not), knock yourself out:


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3 Responses to “Does $15 Qualify As A Splurge?”

  1. Laura (pinkyBella) Says:

    I don’t consider $15 a splurge. I am on a tight budget, too. I’m just saying this b/c I spent $40 today on a wine decanter and a bottle (both were cheap, but I’m on a strict spending limit!). So I guess I’m trying to make myself feel better. Enjoy your DVD :)

  2. Vanessa Says:

    I saw this yesterday too and was going back and forth about buying it. I’m trying to keep myself on a tight budget so I didn’t get it. Now, I’m kind of regretting the decision. It was a steal at $15!

  3. Solangel Says:

    I feel so stupid for not buying this yesterday. I was so caught up with Lostmania that I put it off until today and now it’s $35.

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