Good News, Folks

I was just notified that my loan through Lending Club was issued.  84 lenders for a total of $14,000 at 12%.  This means I can not only transfer my Bank of America (29%) balance, but also my Washington Mutual (just adjusted to 28%) balance.  I did the math, and this new loan with save me 4 GRAND in interest.  As you can imagine, I am beyond thrilled.

The loan was set up for 3 years, but once I get the other balances (totalling around $8K) paid off, I will increase my loan payments, hopefully shortening its length.

I will be posting about any adjustments in my budget shortly.  Just wanted to share!


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5 Responses to “Good News, Folks”

  1. BlueBears (Claudia) Says:

    Thats great! I have been thinking lately of consolidating all my law school loans (talking to a friend who did it recently) to get a lower payment but I really dread tampering with them. The dread is completely psychological though so your post gives me hope that I’ll get the balls to do it.

  2. Britni Says:

    Yay! How exciting! Congrats, doll :)

  3. Sukie Says:

    Well Done.

    You just made a decision worth $4,000. I feel like there should be confetti or something…

  4. Lululucy Says:

    Yay hurrah terrific! That’s wonderful!

  5. Melissa (AthertonMerriweather) Says:

    Congratulations! I’m happy you got some good news. I know you were down a few weeks ago :)

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