I filed my taxes tonight, and it looks as though I will be getting nearly $2K back. Horray! Although, my California return will be held for a bit because of the budget, $200 worth.

It also looks as though my dad has someone lined up to buy my laptop, which breaks my heart, but will give me another chunk of change to pay toward my debt.

I hope I can maintain my cheery outlook as the year trudges on and the “windfalls” die down. That is always a test.



5 Responses to “$1,964”

  1. Kate Says:

    I sent my friend the link to your laptop and it was already bought! If it falls through, I think she emailed you anyway, but repost it and I’ll let her know.

  2. pennyplastic Says:

    Hey Kate – My dad “thinks” he has sold it through CL, but I was uncomfortable leaving it up on eBay. If the buyer falls through, I will post it again. Thanks for forwarding the link to your friend!!

  3. Kivrin Says:

    I read the title of your post in “Seasons of Love” cadence: “One thousand nine hundred and sixty-four dollars…”

    I think my last (small) raise bumped me into a higher tax bracket, because my refunds disappeared a few years ago, and last year I actually OWED, like, $100 in federal taxes. Therefore I’m putting off doing my taxes until I pay off some more bills…

  4. pennyplastic Says:

    I don’t know anything about taxes, but I have the maximum deduction taken from my paycheck. Not sure if that impacts anything?

  5. stacyinbean Says:

    That is GREAT! I filed yesterday and am getting just over $2k, too bad I also just found out my car needs a bunch of work after it was stolen! Still, I found a hot pair of sunglasses today and I’m going to have to treat myself…

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