2009 Oscar Nominations Are In!

Photo: LA Times

I have only seen Milk. I am such a film-going loser.

What do you think about an Oscar viewing party? I assume some of these will be out on DVD before March.

Check out the list here.


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9 Responses to “2009 Oscar Nominations Are In!”

  1. Claire Says:

    Pssh. You want film-going loser? The only movies I have seen that are up for ANY awards are Dark Knight, Wall-E and Iron Man (sound editing nod for that one I believe). I did add Tropic Thunder to my Netflix and should be getting that in the next couple of days. I hate that movies are so damn expensive. Wall-E deserves to win in every category. I love that little robot.

  2. pennyplastic Says:

    Oooh, I’d forgotten that I have seen Wall-E. VERY cute indeed.

    I hear you, I quit Netflix because we were not getting our money’s worth. My boyfriend got The Dark Knight from one of those Red Box things at the market and we had it for two weeks, without watching it. It was 15 bucks.

  3. Kate Says:

    I am totally guilty of illegally downloading all those “for review only” copies that come out before/during awards season. I know it isn’t the, uh, most upstanding thing to do, but I live abroad anyway, so I feel slightly less guilty. Ah, rationalization! Anyway, I just downloaded Revolutionary Road and I’m excited to finally watch it.

    Those red box things can kill you.

  4. Britni Says:

    The Dark Knight and Iron Man. That’s it. I wanted to see Milk and no one would go with me. I also want to see Revolutionary Road. I never see movies. I suck.

  5. pennyplastic Says:

    Yeah, I always tell myself that I will just go out on my own during the weekend, but I usually just end up drinking instead…..

  6. Melissa (AthertonMerriweather) Says:

    I loved Slumdog Millionare and was dissappointed that none of the actors were nominated. I’m looking forward to seeing The Wrestler this weekend and am seeing Milk tonight! I’m obviously a film-going loser. I often go by myself. I love movies.

  7. aspiringexpatriate Says:

    Nothing wrong with drinking! The key is to have a theatre in walking distance. I have two, and I’ve still not seen anything this year.


  8. Melissa (AthertonMerriweather) Says:

    There’s a small theatre in my town that shows mostly indie movies and serves beer and wine. Heaven!

  9. pennyplastic Says:

    I am so jealous of people who live in cool cities…..are you Portland, by chance? I know a few people are but I can’t see to keep everyone straight!

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