And Now, A Word From Your Sponsor

Image: Paper Doll Dot Com

Just a quick word of thanks to those of you who chimed in on my post about taking a break from Jezebel. I in no way expected to hear from so many new people, and it made me so happy, mostly because I have some obviously smart and sweet additions to the readership of my little bitty blog.

As I will be spending more time working on this space, I not only encourage your comments, but also any ideas, critiques, likes/dislikes, etc. This is all new to me and I am very open to feedback and/or advice.

And, for being so tremendously awesome, here’s a song that holds no special meaning, but always makes me smile. Seriously, don’t read into the lyrics too much, I just heard it on NPR and was reminded of how much I like it. Empire Records, anyone?



4 Responses to “And Now, A Word From Your Sponsor”

  1. Britni Says:

    Empire Records is my favorite movie EVAR. I have always wanted to work there. And now I am smiling because this song is on :)

  2. Dione (TakeADeepBreath) Says:

    I think i commented on Jezebel, but I love your blog. It covers so many fun topics, but I really enjoy the finance spin. It’s been very helpful for me, even just to know that I’m not alone in trying to make sense of the disarray that my financial situation is in. Thanks for putting yourself out there like this.

  3. Laura (pinkybella) Says:

    Yay! I love that you are going to spend more time on your blog. I feel like you are inside my mind and know what I’m thinking sometimes. I always relate to your posts. As for Jezebel, I was never a major commenter, but I feel like if a bunch of us get together on a blog like this, we can have a lot more fun and much more open discussion.

    If I read any articles or hear of any cool stories, I will send them you’re way for ideas!

  4. Kate Says:

    I didn’t chime in on the jezebel post, but I will here – I definitely echo those comments in that I think you have a lot of great things to say, and you compiling it all here makes it much easier to follow ;-) Basically, thanks for starting this, I’ve bookmarked it and I feel like what you have to say is, in a lot of ways, more the type of thing I want to read than Jezebel. Keep on truckin’ chickie!

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