Daily Inspiration

What’s inspiring me today.

Concept Boards.

Photo: Penny

Seriously?  I could sit at an expansive table and work on concept (mood – whatever you’d like to call them) boards all day, every day.  I love it.  Recently my work has been overrun with more relatively mundane tasks; lots of working in the studio and writing, not as much art directing.  I miss it, a lot.  I never throw a concept board away – they’re treasures!

Last year I worked on a little freelance project (logo design and a bit of branding) for a friend who’s starting up a childrens clothing line, I could see the look of surprise on her face when I showed up to meet her carrying two large black boards.  “Wow, this is thorough!” she said.  But, when we dove into discussing her new brand, the usefulness of the boards became apparent.

They’re a great medium for kicking off for discussion, they allow an individual to easily articulate a “mood” or “feel” they are after, and you can represent a bit of everything – color, fabrication, photography, text/font, etc.

When I work on concept boards, I feel like I am in a college design class.  And I love it.


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5 Responses to “Daily Inspiration”

  1. SerendipitousTrout Says:

    Oh wow. Totally agree! That’s awesome that you do branding work- that’s exactly what I want to do when I graduate school in May! However, I’m not sure if my degree (public relations) is what they are looking for. I’m definitely jealous though!

  2. allison Says:

    These are awesome! I make collages.


  3. Kim O. Says:

    You get to do those now? I’m so jealous! I always wanted to create concept boards when I worked there. Lucky duck!

    We do them sometimes at the Big Beanery, when we are working on new packaging concepts. But I never get to really “finesse” them, since we are usually working at breakneck speed. So to get my “fix” I just do ’em on my own at my house for home decor and such.

    Yours look gorgeous. You should definitely keep them for your portfolio.

  4. pennyplastic Says:

    Ah, Kimmy, I don’t get to do them that much lately – I’m actually pretty pissy about it. But that’s a discussion to be had over 2 bottles of wine…..

  5. Kim O. Says:

    Speaking of two bottles of wine…Let’s get something on the books, shall we?

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