Photo Tagging

I saw this post over at Is Mental and decided I had to do it.  The rules are as follows:

  • Go to the forth folder on your computer where you keep you photographs.
  • Choose the 4th picture.
  • Explain it.
  • Tag four other people.

My photos folder is ridiculously messy; I don’t even HAVE sub-folders.  So, I just chose the fourth photograph in the main folder.  It’s from a few years back when I was doing a lot of “experimental” type photography with myself as the subject (because none of my friends would spend hours with me taking photos).

It’s called, as you can probably guess, “backbone.”

Photo: Penny

I tag Allison, Elizabeth, Tina and Carly.



10 Responses to “Photo Tagging”

  1. Pilgrim Soul Says:

    This is gorgeous. If I took a picture like this of myself it would be more “beached whale” than “experimental photography.”

    But on that subject, know you something about cameras? I am in the market for a digital SLR to take to the Galapagos with me so I can document furry-headed birdies and fun-coloured lizards.

  2. pennyplastic Says:

    I wish – I don’t even know what SLR means! We have a Canon Elph here at home, and I have no idea how to use it correctly (as you’ve seen from some of my photography). I took this photo with a digital camera that belonged to my boyfriend at the time – it was probably under $100.

    At work we just upgraded from a Leica to a Nikon. Anyone I know who’s into photography really likes Leicas. I just like the Nikon more because I don’t have to use a tri-pod as often.

    If you know the basics of what you want, just go to Amazon and look for the best rated shit. That’s what I always do….

    And, also, SO LUCKY! When are you taking off?

  3. pennyplastic Says:


    I always have loved Heidi Swanson’s photography over at 101 Cookbooks. She has an Amazon store with a section for photography:

    Obviously the she has money to throw down on cameras, but the SLR camera she recommends is $900. If that is too much – I have NO clue what your budget is….click on that and follow recommendations for other, more moderately priced cameras.

    Hope that helps.

  4. Pilgrim Soul Says:

    Thanks Penny! I leave on March 14 for a week. I’m booked for a small boat tour, only 16 people, but am going by myself, which is a little intimidating.

  5. pennyplastic Says:

    You’ll do great, that’s quite brave but the scary stuff always works out for the best, I have found. I’d love to try and travel alone. Unfortunately, it is often not as easy for the ladies….

  6. allison Says:

    Aw, thanks for tagging me, Penny!

    Re: digital cameras, I have a Nikon D80 and it is really quite lovely. The body was $800, but you can get an equally good Nikon D40 for about $500 (with lens). It might be even less now that they’ve upgraded their cameras.


  7. pennyplastic Says:

    Great, thank you for the recommendations. Pilgrim, Allison is a brilliant photographer and I’m sure she’d be cool with you emailing her if you have more questions….

  8. elizabeth Says:

    Thanks for the tag Penny! When my laptop comes back from the shop (hoping for Sunday) and I will see what I find–I’m curious to see what photo will pop up.

    Though my current monitor is not doing it justice, I love this photo!

  9. allison Says:

    Penny, you are too kind!

    And sure, I wouldn’t mind advising anyone about cameras. I have lots of friends who are REAL photographers, so I have a good pool of opinions!


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    […] 26, 2009 by elizabeth Penny tagged me on Friday on this nifty little meme and I have been itching to do it when my laptop came […]

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