Salad For Lunch – Two Ways

I made some yummy salads this afternoon for David and I, again using what we had left in the fridge.  Both salads had grilled shrimp and toasted cashews, but aside from those two ingredients, they were quite different.

We had some large frozen shrimp which I flash-grilled in a sauté pan with lemon, onions, garlic and some Fresno pepper for heat.

David’s salad had mixed greens, cucumber and red pepper.  I tossed the grilled onions on top with a few shrimp and some cashews.

For my salad I wilted some spinach with a dash of wine, olive oil and fleur de sal.  I sliced some white mushrooms thin and tossed with a bit of rice wine vinegar, sesame oil and pepper.  I added these on top of the spinach and topped with a vinaigrette of walnut oil and balsamic.

All Photos: Penny


3 Responses to “Salad For Lunch – Two Ways”

  1. Maeg Says:

    That, lady, is awesome stuff. Not just the food.. but the photos! Definitely food porn.

  2. nenasadije Says:

    caveat: i hate shrimp.

    this is why i can never show hubby your blog. the shrimp and lemons!? he’d die and take me with him for never cooking that.

  3. Annie Says:

    looks dee-lish! nice pics.
    love the blog btw – keep it up

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