Where Penny Admits She’s a Dumbass, But Is Thrilled With Her Mistake

So, I’ve been somewhat out of commission for a few days, and have fallen behind with the news.  Yesterday I spent hours finishing up the second season of Big Love and didn’t even turn on NPR.

I was just scrolling through my Google Reader when I saw the following headline:

“Clinton Says Ball In Iran’s Court”

My thought process when something like this:

“I didn’t know Bill Clinton’s foundation was involved with Iran.”  Gosh, the Obama administration is going to be all kinds of pissy about this.  Or will they?  No big deal I guess.  Oh…..wait….”

Yeah, I had forgotten, if only for a few seconds, that HRC is our new Secretary of State.  I’m a moron.  But, a very happy moron.

Also, get ’em Hillary!!!



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