Plastic Trend – Neutrals With An Acid Punch

All Photos: New York Times; Image: Penny

I’m all over this for Spring.  I was just flipping through an issue of WWD Fast (sportswear-focused) and it had a great editorial about dressing in neutrals with hits of saturated acid color.

What do you think?  Yay or nay?

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3 Responses to “Plastic Trend – Neutrals With An Acid Punch”

  1. Dawnyelle Says:

    YAY. I think its a simple, subtle way to stand out!

  2. Britni Says:

    Yay. I love adding punches of really bright, happy colors to an otherwise neutral outfit.

  3. nenasadije Says:

    this is my jam. at work i am notorious for wearing neutral bottoms (pants, skirts, or bermuda shorts (i live in florida and can totally get away with it)) with a bright top and metalic jewelry. it’s my “uniform”. all this time i thought i was being boring but really i’m ahead of the trend! thx, penny!

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