Puppy Love

David just emailed me.  Someone in his office has black lab puppies they are giving away.  Of course, he wants one.  Thoughts?

FYI, this is our current pet situation:

Harper & Sierra



16 Responses to “Puppy Love”

  1. Laura (pinkyBella) Says:

    Oh my goodness. Too much cuteness! I have the same animal situation as you (2 cats, 1 dog). I would get another dog if I lived in a house, but right now, I live in an apartment. I always say yes when people ask advice about getting another pet, if they can afford it and have room. You never know where they will end up if you don’t take them!

    Sorry, but I just would love to get another dog!

  2. Sukie Says:

    How about you take the puppy and I’ll take Frankie for you :)

    And I feel like owning pets are a lot like having children, after the third – a fourth doesn’t seem so bad…

  3. elizabeth Says:

    I had a black Lab growing up and I loved him! The only aspect I would look into is whether they are purebred or not–if they aren’t, I would strongly say go for it–purebreds that you can buy are much more susceptible to cancer (ours died at only 4 due to cancer of the intestine). But they are absolute sweethearts–I needed a puppeh break! :-)

  4. librivermis Says:

    AHHHH!!! adopt! adopt! I have two cats and I want to get a dog SO BAD but I can’t because I move practically every year and its hard enough with just the cats.

  5. Carly Says:

    Yes to puppies. Though, I must say, you know what the puppy-training period can do to otherwise sane living companions. They are adorable, but they are also far more high maintenance than kittens (and 1000x more high maintenance than Sierra). They cry, bark, pee, poop, barf on everything (much like human pups), and they cost A LOT (between the shots, gettin fixed, more shots, detroyed shoes).

    But they pay you back a thousand times over when you feel rotten and want a furry hug. And I LOVE black labs… I’ve had two, Zoe and Lucy, and both were filled with energy and super smart and loving and, did I mention filled with energy?

  6. Kivrin Says:

    God, I LOVE dogs, and those puppies are killing me, but…can you really afford to invest the time and money into training and caring for a lab puppy? Lab puppies can be really energetic and destructive before mellowing into the laidback labs we all know and love. And the vet bills, and the potty training… As much as I want to give every animal a home, I wouldn’t recommend it at the expense of your own financial solvency, sanity, or property.

    And now, enough with the practicality: OMG PUPPEHS!

  7. Kivrin Says:

    BTW, I looove the picture of Harper and Sierra. They’re all like, “Yes, we’re cuddling. A cat and a dog, together. Get over it.”

  8. pennyplastic Says:

    You would DIE if you saw them together. I was really nervous about getting her, because David had never owned a cat and Sierra had never lived with one. I was way overprotective for the first few days, but they totally fell in love (well, Harper did, she’s a lover, Sierra is just kind of a dope).

    Sometimes all three sleep in the bed together, it’s so sweet.

  9. thingsiadore Says:

    Does your current dog get along with other dogs? Lab puppies are particularly wild and high maintenance. They love to chew on EVERYTHING and some have been known to bark for hours and hours on end, which you could hide from while at work but could be really disruptive and troubling for your other pets. By all means, if you have the money and the time and the patience, get a puppy. They are so adorable and black labs grow up to be such wonderful pets. But if you don’t know how your current dog will act around a puppy, you might want to test it out first at a dog park or if you have a friend with a young pup. I have one of the calmest, chillest, sweetest dogs in the world who absolutely loves to play with and be around other dogs, but he has tendency to freak out a bit when puppies are around. It think it’s the high energy–it just gets to him and he’ll even start to shake and try to hide. Just something to consider with your current pets. Good luck!

  10. bebehblog Says:

    I think dogs are always happier as pairs – especially medium to large sized doggies. I feel so guilty sometimes that my dog only has two kind of bitchy cats to play with, he loves other puppies so so so much. If it weren’t for…well, a lot of things right now, I would have gotten another dog a long time ago.

    But realistically, you have to consider the cost of another dog. More food isn’t that big of a deal but vet care – especially if the lab ends up with typical lab problems – can be a lot. Sorry to be a downer.

  11. pennyplastic Says:

    Our dog is very easy-going and gets along with all dogs. If a dog is too high-strung, she will usually just go off and sleep. She’s 8, so she doesn’t have endless energy :-)

    I told David that, while tempting, I don’t think it’s a good idea. We’re both at work 12 hours a day with our commutes and it’s downright cruel to keep a puppy alone in a house for that long.

    I hope they find good homes!

  12. SarahMC Says:

    Nobody loves dogs more than I, but I don’t think it’s a good idea for you right now. If anything, adopt an older dog. But a puppy shouldn’t be cooped up inside 12 hours straight every day. And I would hate for you to end up taking it to the pound if it were to become overwhelming.

  13. allisonwrote Says:

    I could be wrong, but I think that e-mail is a scam. Because I got an email from a friend of a friend with lab puppies using (I think!) that very same picture.


  14. allisonwrote Says:

    Oh, I was right!


  15. allisonwrote Says:

    Well, I was sort of right. It’s not a SCAM per se, but, if true, all the puppies were adopted long ago (in Georgia, no less).


  16. pennyplastic Says:

    AH! I just asked David about it (he got it from a coworker) and I was like “where did HE get it from?” “I don’t know.”

    That’s hilarious.

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