Debt Rally, 1.30.09

Current Balances

Lending Club – $14,000

Bank of America = $0

Citibank =$1,470.00

J Crew = $0

American Express = $3,345.77

Washington Mutual = $0

1.22.09 Total = $21,044.52

Current Total = $18,815.77

– $2,228.75

I’m finally under $20K!



3 Responses to “Debt Rally, 1.30.09”

  1. Dawnyelle Says:

    Good for you! That is awesome, seriously. I think posting it on your blog not only puts pressure on yourself, but shows us all that it CAN be done! I have definitely been watching my finances closer, and really trying not to spend any money. I bring my lunch and coffee to work, and make dinner for myself nightly. Even if I have to eat the same thing for 3 nights in a row, as long as im not spending money im happy! I’ve been doing my own nails, and “remixing” my outfits! actually tomorrow im going to a “Recessionista” swap meet. Some friends and I are getting together and swapping out our gently used clothes and accessories! should be fun!

  2. Dione (TakeADeepBreat) Says:

    Good for you lady! I see J Crew is paid off!

  3. May Says:

    Amazing. I’m so proud of you!

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