I Just Paid Off My J Crew Card

$1,730!  With my tax refund!

I never thought I would be so thrilled to get rid of my tax refund within in 2 minutes of getting it, but it felt great.

And, I just got a J Crew reward card in the mail and I threw it away because I have to use my credit card.

Being responsible sucks.

I will be posting a budget update later in the day.  My flash drive ate my budget AGAIN so I will need to spend a few hours working on it.


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9 Responses to “I Just Paid Off My J Crew Card”

  1. Melissa (Athertonmerriweather) Says:

    Congratulations! Celebrate with a nice glass of wine tonight…you deserve it!

  2. MadrasSoup Says:

    Congrats! And I just paid off my AMEX card with mine!

  3. SarahMC Says:

    Wow! How awesome for you!!!!

  4. Sukie Says:

    Shred those JCrew Rewards with Glee! You can resist them!

    Congrats on paying that off.

    I bet you feel lighter :)

  5. Susan Says:

    CONGRATS!!!! this is huge! :) you are well on your way.

  6. Dawnyelle Says:

    Make sure you close the account! The credit limit will still be on your credit report as debt even if you owe nothing! Call J. Crew and close the account!!! Not only did you pay off the debt, but you raised your credit score!

  7. mllej Says:

    Awesome! It’s such a great feeling, ain’t it.

  8. bebehblog Says:

    No no no, DON’T close your account. I know you know better Penny, but maybe you should do a post on why you should NEVER close a well established account.

  9. pennyplastic Says:

    Good recommendation, I was thinking of doing that.

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