Songs To Consider – Canadian Release

Peaches, for me (key word, folks), is the ultimate Feminist.  That said, I tend to find myself attracted to hyper sex-positive women.  She questions everything through the lens of sexuality, power and gender.  She spews it out in a wonderful melody of words and music.  I appreciate anyone who can blur the lines between the sexes enough to foster some kind of empathy and want.  And she really, really likes her crotch.  Which I find endearing.

And I like her synthesizer.

Feist seems as though she might be the complete opposite, but she’s not.  In fact, she and Peaches are old friends.  Her song “One Evening” sticks with me.  It’s like Steely Dan for the millennial set, I fucking love it.  She also did an amazing cover of Peaches’ “Lovertits.”

My favorite song from Peaches new album, Impeach My Bush (NSFW):

One Evening:

FYI, this video is just a sample, I can’t find the full video that isn’t disabled for embedding.  You can see the full video here.



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