No Thank You PETA, I Don’t Want To Fuck Bok Choy

I’ve never liked PETA.  Their tactics are stupid, they focus on the wrong issues, I just find them abhorrent.  So, it was no big surprise when I started reading about their rejected “Sex With Vegetables” ad that had been developed to run during the Superbowl.

Ignoring the irony that an organization attempting to stop people from eating meat are treating women like…..mignons, let’s just say, it’s a poorly executed, cheesy, stupid ad.  The music is straight out of an 80’s beer commercial, the “fuck me” faces learned from a “How To Succeed In Porn: 101” manual and, worst of all, a woman was licking – licking – my favorite vegetable without, you know, eating it.

Not only is this commercial offensive to this woman, but it’s entirely condescending to the men they were targeting.  I get it, men who like football like, wink wink nudge nudge, boobs.  But, come on, people, the top earning Superbowl commercials have always used humor, not sex.  The fact that the commercial was developed for a Superbowl spot is no excuse.


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