C’est Cool

I was so disappointed with Proenza Schouler’s S/S 2009 collection, so I was thrilled when I saw their pre-fall looks.  Spot on.

All Photos: Style.com


7 Responses to “C’est Cool”

  1. John (aspex) Says:

    So what is the best from the woman’s pov: the short skirts, the belts or the coats?

    From a man’s pov I’d say belts. ‘Cause we’ve seen skirts and we will see again, But belts have style.

  2. J.D.Regent Says:

    and soooo easy to replicate using cheaper clothing.

  3. pennyplastic Says:

    Totally. It’s very street level and accessible, which I guess makes sense given the economic climate. I am digging the jackets a lot, and I like the hits of lamé.

  4. delicatetbone Says:

    Holy cow I’m in love with all of these looks. These are looks I think I could pull together in larger sizes too. Thanks for the great addition to my spring look-book.

    Oh also, thank you so much for the Tano bag recommendation — I’m getting one with my tax refund and I’m so excited.

  5. lizbang Says:

    I can already see myself living in the last one next fall.

  6. allisonwrote Says:

    LOVE this connection. It is so rad.


  7. allisonwrote Says:

    haha, I meant collection of course!

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