My Dilemma – Far Flung Friends & No Money

Penny & S, Photo: Carly

Right, so I live in Sacramento. It’s….fine. There are worse places to be, of course. David and I live in a super cute highwater craftsman in a nice neighborhood near downtown, our parents are both close by, the weather is mild. I could deal with living here for a few more years, if my friends hadn’t all left.

I do still have friends around, but my BEST GIRLS are gone. And, I need The Girls to feel complete.

Carly moved to Boston two and a half years ago for grad school and now works as a writer in the city.

S moved to NYC in the summer of 2008 for med school.

L moved to Phoenix 4 years ago and STILL hasn’t returned. She can’t like it there that much!

H currently lives in Philly, although she’s from NYC. But she gets a pass because we met in California while she was here for college.

So my problem is this, we talk on the phone, we IM, we email, we sometimes send love notes…..but we don’t see each other nearly enough. Conversations with these four friends nearly always evolve into plan-hatching; vacations and visits. Where we might meet up (last year it was Palm Springs), when I can make it to see one or more of them (NYC to see S & H last October) or visa versa and how on Earth we will find the money to do so.

Even now, I am talking with H in G-Chat about going to Hawaii this fall to stay with her best friend, and Carly wants me to visit Boston in July (when I have to take a week off of work – forced), which would be so fun!

So then, friendships are important, but what’s a girl on a budget to do?


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6 Responses to “My Dilemma – Far Flung Friends & No Money”

  1. Dione (TakeADeepBreath) Says:

    You’re doing everything and all you can do. Occasional trips, meet halfway to places, meet up somewhere all together. Make sure you are on frequent flier programs, buy last minute flights, use at ALL times..

  2. Sukie Says:

    Making the effort is half the battle. I have the same problem and trips once a year suit us okay.

    We work out costs so that it’s spread evenly and make sure we do AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE together to maximize our time. Even movie nights in become something great.

    Also, Southwest has some incredibly cheap flights right now.

  3. KookyCat Says:

    Hey! You forgot “K” : still around but saddled up with a baby ;)

  4. pennyplastic Says:

    Awwwww but YOU, my dear, are above and beyond. And still around (kind of). I was keeping it to those who have fled.

    Everyone, K is the SHIT, even though she’s elbow-deep in it with the most beautiful baby in the world…..In fact, I do believe you are officially my oldest friend, known you since high school!


  5. Carly Says:

    Awww. Well, Boston (and I) will be here whenever you can make it. I wish I could afford to come back to the friends and fam in California more often.

    Have I told you about my new discovery for cheap flights, Kayak? It lets you set up email alerts for fairs and trolls all airline sites and other travel sites (expedia, orbitz, etc.) for deals.

  6. Dawnyelle Says:

    So sorry its so hard. Im single and if I plan a trip requiring flying I always plan WAY ahead, like a year out! My best guy friend has something big for his Bday every year and its usually invloves flying somewhere and staying at a nice hotel. I always just plan ahead, and save save save my money towards it!

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