My Favorite Free Online Portfolio Websites

As I am feeling the need to update my resume and portfolio, I thought I might take the opportunity to share some of my favorite websites that offer free online portfolio services.

Behance Network

The Behance Network is probably my favorite for portfolio creation and networking with other creatives.  This is a site where I can upload some of my work that I would never share while job-hunting (photography, sketches).  It’s a beautiful site with tons of resources and amazing artists/designers.


I love Carbonmade for its simplicity.  The main landing page is a bit cutesy, but portfolio creation is a snap and the layouts/navigation are simple and nice looking.  I usually direct potential employers to my portfolio on this site as it’s so easy to nagivate and allows them to focus on the work.


Like Behance, design:related is community focused, with some great resources and networking.  My favorite feature of this site is that they allow you to upload your “inspirations.”


Simple in the vein of Carbonmade but with more to offer, I think that Coroflot may be the next site I experiement with.  I love the layout and they have a GREAT employer directory.

Style Portfolios

This is the best fashion-specific portfolio site that I have found.  And while I don’t work in apparel, Style Portfolios is the only website that offers a specific section for visual merchandising!  I love that I can look at what other visual people are putting out there for potential employers.

Creative Hotlist Portfolios

Creative Hotlist is an excellent resource for design jobs (loads of art direction, graphics and web jobs) and their portfolio section makes it easy to submit work when you are applying for jobs through the site.



One Response to “My Favorite Free Online Portfolio Websites”

  1. SerendipitousTrout Says:

    Wow- I never knew that something like this existed! How great, especially since I’m graduating in May and in need of a job in a scary economy.

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