F/W 2009 RTW – Peter Som

Peter Som put out one of my favorite Spring 2009 collections. His collection for Fall is quite different than his muted, romantic Spring offerings, but appealing in its quirkiness. At first glance I felt a strong Marni/Marc Jacobs influence, most certainly from their Spring collections. But, clash of bold patterns/textures aside, Som is far more romantic.

Please don’t ask me why, but I feel I must own this bolero.

I love a swingy skirt paired with a long jacket. And, please tell me that ascots will be resurrected for Fall!

Must. Own. Jacket.

I’m taking bets on whether J Crew will be knocking this off for Fall.

The shoulders on this jacket are just severe enough. I would look dumpy in these proportions but it would look lovely on someone with curves and a waist.

All Photos: Style Dot Com


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3 Responses to “F/W 2009 RTW – Peter Som”

  1. Jess Says:

    I LOVE LOVE that leather jacket. It looks decadent!

  2. Britni Says:

    I love this collection. I love all the bright color. It’s so happy!

  3. info*ninja Says:

    I love`this collection

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