Songs To Consider – Make Out

Portishead, for me, is bottom-line the sexiest damn music EVER MADE.  With maybe the exception of a few choice Led Zeppelin songs.  I own a DVD of their live performance at Roseland and I tend not to watch it anymore, because every time I have in the past I’ve been high on something and it just tends to trigger me to do…..naughty, naughty things.

Seriously, if I were drunk enough, I would make out with a cactus if I heard this music.

Also, for the record, Stealing Beauty has the best soundtrack.  Ever.


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5 Responses to “Songs To Consider – Make Out”

  1. HanaMaru Says:

    It’s so true:”…I would make out with a cactus” Portishead totally triggers memories of smoking pot on someone’s parent’s back porch, and assorted sexy times. I can’t decide if they deserve that crown more than Tricky, though. Especially the whole album Maxinquaye. That is some incredibly sexy trip hop.

  2. Drew Says:

    Now you’re talkin’.

    Got any “Glory Box” remixes? There are a few out there: “Scorn Mix” and “Mud Mix” come to mind. These remixes are a pinch more …aggressive.

    And since we’re talking music here, how about those moments requiring somber and morose sounds? A little Mazzy Star comes in handy. “Five-String Serenade” and “Fade Into You” do the trick.

    Mazzy Star doesn’t mix well with wine, or it mixes really, really well with wine. Depends on one’s disposition.

  3. Erinjb Says:

    My husband and I have a pandora station that is labeled sexradio and it is all Portishead and metric.

  4. Britni Says:

    Oh! I LOVE Portishead. Her voice is mesmerizing and haunting and absolutely beautiful.

  5. Carly of the Lit Dept Says:

    If you’d like to find a foster home for said DVD in order to protect you from yourself, I’d more than willing to look after it for you. That’s the kind of friend I am. Just sayin’

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