Your Go-To Items Of Clothing, What Are They?

What are those items of clothing that always make you feel great?  Are there things you’ve worn until they’ve fallen apart?  Do certain items have special significance – a gift, something passed down?  Do you remember those items that you wouldn’t stop wearing when you were a kid?  Or that you thought were the COOLEST things ever?

Below, are my most recent loves.  I would love to hear about yours.

They may be considered passé, but I could give a shit.  I LOVE my pashmina.  I bought it about 7 years ago at the boutique where I worked.  It’s a really nice one, thick and super soft.  It was expensive, probably $200 WITH my discount.  I take it with me every time I travel.  I sleep with it, I wear it out.  These days, it’s looking pretty sad.  It’s ripped and stained and looks a lot like a kid’s blankie.  But, I will never get rid of it.

For years, I wore this Anne Klein top at least 3 days a week in the summer. I also bought this at the boutique.  It was simple, white and cotton.  It called it my peasant tube top, and I could dress it up or down.  I even wore it in the winter, layered under cardigans, jackets and scarves.  Eventually it wore out and I had to throw it away as it looked SAD.

This Marc Jacobs knock-off top was my favorite purchase from my time living in London.  I bought it at Topshop for 35 pounds.  It was super comfortable and I wore it constantly.  I still don’t know where it went, I think I lost it.  I miss it.

I live in this pair of cut-off shorts in the summer.  They are a pair of Gap Long & Lean jeans, which I bought when I returned home from London (with an extra 25 pounds).  They eventually got too big so I cut them off.

My current favorite heels include my Ferragamo red patent round-toed heels, a pair of art-deco-ish Prada peep-toes I scored on eBay for 40 bucks, and my Cole Haan/Nike sandals that are SO FUCKING COMFORTABLE.  All are at least 4″.  I tend to wear shoes until they fall apart, and then I look for new ones.  I don’t “collect” shoes.

I miss this dress, so much.  In fact, it was not a dress, but a Max Studio skirt that I wore as a dress……constantly.  I wore it both with and without pants.  Eventually it got too big and I had to sell it on eBay, I think someone bought for around 4 times what I paid for it years prior.  It was barely staying on in the photo shown, and I wish I could have figured out a way to make it fit.

I own 4 of these J Crew sheer cashmere shawls, I buy them whenever they are on sale.  The blue one shown was my first.  I still own them all and often wear two together, especially in the cooler months.  There’s that dress-skirt again!

My Tano bag.  I haven’t carried another bag since October of last year (with the exception of a clutch here and there).  Right now it has a scarf tied to it and a button my boss gave me that reads “knees” with a bunch of bees.

One of my last purchases before my budget, I saw this J Crew jacket at my local store and had to buy it.  There was one, it was marked down, and it was my size.  I have probably worn it 100 times.  I think it’s totally Chanel.

I LIVED in this Zara dress for the past few summers.  I bought it in NYC for $30.  It was so cute, it tied in the back so the front had a corset-type effect – it made my boobs look good and I didn’t have to worry about a bra.  It was light and comfy.  It ripped and I had to throw it away.  I am still sad.

My riding boots.  I don’t think I have ever gotten more compliments on an item of clothing.  I got them from eBay for $25.  I am the eBay MASTER.

I cannot bring myself to get rid of this black bikini.  I got it in London, at Topshop.  It was on sale for 10 dollars.  I tend to like string bikinis, and this one has little beads attached to the strings.  It’s falling apart but I will not stop wearing it, until some kind of hole exposes my ass or boob.

It saddens me to even show these.  My most favorite jeans ever.  Another eBay purchase, these Diesel jeans have been my mainstay for years and years.  Until I recently ripped a whole in the ass while trying to shove myself into them.  I won’t get rid of them, though.  I plan on patching up the hole and I am already losing the weight I gained.

Update: I was just out walking the dog and started to think about why this is really interesting to me given by budget.  As I have a closet filled with clothes I need to unload on eBay, I’ve found myself recycling through more old things because I can’t buy anything new.  Every “favorite” I’ve shown, with the exception of the shoes and bag, have gone through periods of not being worn, and when I put them on again, they feel like new!



7 Responses to “Your Go-To Items Of Clothing, What Are They?”

  1. Jess Says:

    I like to buy plain cotton jersey dresses. I can wear them year round- just the dress and sandals in the warmer months and textured tights with a patterned scarf (another go to) and long cardigan (yet another go to) in the cooler months. I can also dress it up or down.

    I also have this adorable brown empire waist coat from Forever 21. The design of it is way beyond typical Forever 21. I will wear that thing til to falls apart.

    I also collect flats. Im 5’10 so always wearing heels is a bit too much for me. I wear my flats until I wear holes in the heels. I also have a permanent tan on my feet from always wearing flats without socks

    I LOVE your riding boots! I really want a pair like those but its hard to find because I have large calves

  2. Jess Says:

    BTW I do not understand why pashminas are passe. I got my first one when I was 16 in London and I love it. I still wear it all the time. To me they just look classic

  3. SarahMC Says:

    God you wear clothes so well. And I am crazy about the Tano bag. I don’t even think I have anything like this – things I love so much and always turn to.

  4. Britni Says:

    Every part of the outfit that I am wearing here:

    The top, the boots, but especially those leggings. For some reason, I have been wearing them incessantly for months.

    Other items that I wear all the time:
    My black blazer. Perfect to wear over dresses or with jeans and a t-shirt.
    My silver quilted BCBG booties that I tend to wear with everything
    American Apparel v-neck t-shirts.
    I also have an American Apparel dress that I wear constantly

  5. Unpossible Says:

    I got this J. Crew jacket on super-sale, and I’ve been wearing it constantly: It’s a little more polished than my usual jeans-and-hoodies combo, and it makes any outfit look put-together!

    I also rediscovered my Fluevog boots a little less than a year ago. I bought them in high school, wore them for a couple years and then forgot about them until my sister bought the exact same pair! But they’re perfect, like Docs but with cute stitching:

    My favorite piece of clothing from my past? Definitely my lavender corduroy Oshkosh overalls from age 3. Hands down.

  6. May Says:

    I have these short suede Ferragamo boots (yay!) that I wear all the time, but they’re getting really dirty/gross. It’s sad!

    I also have these brown leather Camper flats (not the traditional Camper style, but more dressy/officey) that I wear with everything. I ride my bike in them, wear them in the rain, run around in mud with them, etc. I had to get them re-soled and cleaned and they look new now. I love them!

    I actually have a lot of clothes that I wear the shit out of for years and years, but I finally got rid of a lot of those when I moved to Israel. I did keep this crazy blue/purple/orange-striped Peruvian-looking jacket that I wore with everything for all of college. It is looking very sad but I always get compliments on it, even from people who have seen me wearing it around to everything ever for years and years. I also kept all three of my pink cardigans, one of which is from 8th grade (one of those short half-cardigans that only goes past your boobs).

  7. Dione (TakeADeepBreath) Says:

    It seems like you ladies shop right and I shop wrong. :-( I buy cheaper knock-offs that dont last very long. So I am constlantly buying new clothes. It seems better at the time because I’m and not paying the price of high-end or designer labels. However, I dont have any real staples or go-tos, nothing that I’ve had since I was a teenager. Part of that can be attributed to my dramatic weight flucuations that happen pretty much every year. But the rest of it is just me being lazy. I have to do better…

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