F/W 2009 RTW – Thakoon

Absolutely lovely!  Not to use an over-worn cliché, but it’s very Audrey Hepburn for the modern age.

All Photos: Coutorture


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7 Responses to “F/W 2009 RTW – Thakoon”

  1. Le Berri Says:

    must have orange/red dress!

  2. Le Berri Says:

    Just looked at it again and it is definitely red. This discovery doesn’t change my original desire to have it and wear it to fancy gallery opening that I will never be invited to. A girl can dream :)

  3. Britni Says:

    Some of these pieces are lovely. I especially like the dresses. That second jacket reminds me of a muppet, though.

    And thanks to you, I had discovered the Thakoon collection at Target and bought a great little dress!

  4. pennyplastic Says:

    Sunni, it’s so you! You can wear it with fabulous sparkling jewelry and I can wear the shiny Versace with a cardigan :-)

    (dreaming with you….)

  5. May Says:

    Aaaah I want all of it. Help me! The last dress and the third from last = nom nom.

    I die.

  6. allisonwrote Says:

    This is one of my FAVORITE collections so far.

  7. pennyplastic Says:

    Because you’re totally the modern Audrey!! :-)

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