F/W 2009 RTW – Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs went literal for fall – 80’s revived for our latest Recession Age. And he was not subtle; big shoulders, crimped and teased hair, stonewashed jeans, pleats and tapered legs, crushed velvet, neon color, the list goes on and on. There’s a lot to like in this collection (the lovely capes, long gloves and beautiful coats), but as is often the case with Jacobs, it takes some editing. The majority of the collection is a hipster’s wet dream, if she can afford it. But, why would she bother splurging when she can hit the local thrift store?

I love the silhouette, but you can achieve this by stealing one of your dad’s old Land’s End wool sweaters and cutting a slit in the neckline.

I’m dying to see this dress close up.

I’m loving everything about this look. I will be needing those metallic gold gloves, and I think my best friend in the 4th grade owned that jacket.

While I am not crazy about the fabric (too heavy), I find this dress to be fun! I can see an adventurous actress wearing it to a film premier.

Amplified shoulders done right.

This cape is a perfect example of why Jacobs has such broad appeal. I could see a girl of 19 or woman of 60 wearing this.

Possibly my favorite look from the show. I will be hunting for a similar dress this spring that I can carry into fall. I love it all, even the hair and makeup.

I am a big fan of statement coats. This does not disappoint.

I enjoyed the bandage dresses, the coat is fabulous and the purse to die for. The tights however…..

His dresses that closed the show brought him dangerously close to era-themed caricature.

All Photos: Style Dot Com


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One Response to “F/W 2009 RTW – Marc Jacobs”

  1. Britni Says:

    Ok, you KNOW I love all of this, right? Obviously.

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