My Newest Addiction

I spend a lot of time at the computer.  I do a lot of creative-type work and, now, I blog.  This is something I am not entirely happy about, and I hope to take more time away from my desk as the weather improves.

But, I digress.

David got rid of cable, which I haven’t much cared about, until I realized that I cannot watch the Oscars tonight.  After what seemed like the 100th recommendation, I bought the first season of Lost on iTunes a few weeks ago.  I am now midway through season 2.  I love it!  I have nothing more insightful to add.  I just really like it so far.  Matthew Fox especially.  Yum.

Please, if you comment, no spoilers!



10 Responses to “My Newest Addiction”

  1. Drew Says:

    Just a side note: is the best thing to happen to people who do not own a TV but want to sneak in a few shows here and there. (Particularly while at work)

  2. pennyplastic Says:

    Drew – Any clue where I can find the Oscars streaming online?

  3. Jess Says:

    I LOVE Hulu. I have a tv but use it to catch up on the shows I miss while Im out at night.

    Im totally hooked on LOST. You need to hurry and get caught up to the current season. They are giving out so many answers but I won’t say anymore

  4. TheEternalOptimist Says:

    Sawyer is so freaking HOT!!! I watch just for him sometimes. LOL!! Honestly, I do love the show. This season is the best so far, IMHO.

    Hulu is the best for catching up on TV shows. I had to get rid of my premium cable channels last year in favor of high speed internet, and hulu became my friend. :P

  5. funnyface Says:

    we recently ditched cable as well. streaming netflix via xbox live is our savior, as well as and next up: figuring out how to use our TV as a display for the macbook and hooking the lappy into the surround sound.

  6. Kivrin Says:

    Glad you found a new TV obsession! I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts as you progress through future seasons. I was completely hooked on Lost for the first 2 seasons, but I eventually stopped watching midway through season 3. I know many people who stuck with the show and still love it, but I think I just have a lower tolerance for unanswered questions. ;) I still miss Sawyer, though. Good GOD, I love that man. (He is definitely on My List — and yes, it’s laminated.)

  7. katieb Says:

    L O S T : Beware Penny it will eat your brain. I spend like all of time at work obsessing about lost, and then wonder why I have to “go out” with friends when all I want to do is stay home and rewatch last weeks episode. I have a serious problem.

  8. elizabeth Says:

    I’m thinking of getting into this series after it runs its course. Mad Men and Weeds are my current I-must-wait-until-next-season (and in Weeds case, on DVD), and frankly, I can’t handle another series like that. I have faith that ABC will let J.J. Abrams finish the series as he intended and I can enjoy it on my own schedule.

  9. Melissa (Athertonmerriweather) Says:

    Fancast, Hulu and Netflix are a godsend to those of us without cable!

  10. Solangel Says:

    It is true. You will get addicted and it will consume your life. But just a heads up, currently on, you can stream every single episode for free.

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